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Kon·tor <-s, -e> [kɔnˈto:ɐ̯] SUBST  Danish to English: Office

Beginning an office project can be rather daunting.  Most start with inspiration items, magazine clippings and "inspo" boards, but what most office interior projects boil down to is budget, practicality and good design.  There is a belief that good interior design only comes from design firms, large furniture teams working on the project and unlimited budgets.

Kontor Interiors is a small group that works with all limitations to an office project, whether it be budget, a culture needed, a refresh to create a space that invites employees back to the office or a reconfiguration that needs a new layout to the office space. Kontor has over 40 years of experienced team members with backgrounds in interior design, office- move-add-changes and sourcing all types of features needed for an office project.  Our projects can range from an empty space and all new furniture, a refresh including renewing the look with paint, finishes and reupholstering classic pieces or sourcing a preowned inventory at a fraction of new furniture and adding a design flair so it looks well designed.

Design creates culture, culture creates value, value creates the future.

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Our showroom is virtual

3306 Yorba Linda Blvd. Suite 122

Fullerton, CA 92831


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